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By Cheryl Farkas

Because Senior Move Management is a fairly new niche in the moving industry, many people do not understand the difference between hiring a SMM, and just a local moving company.

“We are a completely ‘a la carte’ moving company with many optional services” says Jos Jansen, owner of Home to Home.

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Customer service is priority.

Jill had to move both her mother and her sister into a memory unit at the same time, due to Alzheimer’s, from two separate condos.

Here’s what she says was above and beyond what she expected from a moving company. “Perfect! Understanding, mindful of hourly rate, so their expertise was put into play the second they arrived. The packing, coordinating two households, moving, and unpacking was professional, pleasant and supportive. I sing praises of their work to everyone. They made sure all of their items were separated and went to the right unit, their electronics were plugged in ready to use, their beds were made, ready to end a long day”.

SERVICES: Downsize, pack, move, unpack, two condos and set up assisted living rooms, make up beds (who does that?), electronics plugged in and working. After the move: Sort contents of two condos into donation, sellable items (Home to Home sells items for its customers), house clean out, trash run, prepare two condos to be put on the market.

Mr. Flake: “Very professional and caring staff. This was a very stressful day for us, but we didn’t have to worry at all about the details of the move. Amazing service! Thank you.”

SERVICES: Moved his mother from Clinton, NC to Raleigh retirement community.

M. Rooks, “Wonderful! Arrived early, perfect gentlemen, fast packing, unpacking. Made the move and transition effortless. Couldn’t have asked for more pleasant and professional assistance.”

SERVICES: Exceptionally fragile china and accessories. Out of state move, from SC to NC. (Home to Home moves clients in all Eastern states.)

Mrs. Cichon, “Can’t express what an amazing experience we had. Not only are they qualified and exceptional at what they do, they created an environment that felt very safe for my family and it was so evident that they really care. We’ve had movers, this group far exceeded my expectations. What is truly unique about them: they are there to get the job done. I interviewed others who said, we don’t do this or that and, no, I don’t think so… I didn’t want to hire multiple companies; with them, I didn’t have to, they did it all.

You will really regret a decision not to hire Home to Home.

SERVICES: Moved from Raleigh to Atlanta. Packed, moved, unpacked, prepared house for sale, house clean out.

“The a la carte approach allows clients to be in charge of their move. They aren’t told what can’t be done. We ask them what they want us to do for them, and they decide which services they need.” Jos says, “We basically can do as little or as much as wanted or needed to fit anybody’s budget.”