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You’ve decided you’re going to pack for your move. It’s been a long time since your last move and you’re trying to figure out just where to start. Here are some helpful tips from professionals at Home to Home, senior move managers.

Go out and purchase three boxes and a roll of tape. Buy one small, one medium and one large. Bring them home and go room to room with them and decide how many boxes you will need per volume of each room. Example: In your living room you have a bookshelf. Take the small box and put it up to the shelf of books and decide how many you’ll need to pack the entire shelf. Next, go to your nick knacks, gather most of them and decide how many small and mediums you will need to get them packed, leaving space for packing materials. Go to a room where you have large bulky items that are lightweight and size them up to medium and large boxes. Do your box count by size on a notepad.

You will want to have everything clean for your new place. You don’t want to bring old dust to your new house. Everyone has cobwebs, dust bunnies, possibly pet fur and spiders under their furniture. Pull these pieces away from the wall and wipe down the entire piece, including the bottom. Go room to room doing this.

Here’s the tricky part. Remember those three boxes of varying size? Get them and as you dust your décor, decide if it’s time to purge. Do you really want to pay to have items moved that you will never use? If you’re lukewarm about an item put it into one of those boxes, and as you clean room to room do this exercise. Now, hide those boxes from yourself, just slightly out of sight. It may take a couple tries and a couple days, but as you pass those boxes ask: 1) Do I really miss it? 2) Do I really need it? Does it have purpose enough to keep it, pay for it to be moved? 3) Can I give it to someone who can use it?

Now you’re ready. Purchase the boxes needed minus the volume you purged. Include wardrobes with bars. Don’t forget packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap for really fragile items, bags of all different sizes.