Cambridge Village of Apex - LogoAs the population of seniors continues to grow, senior living options are seeking new ways to accommodate the needs of future generations.

One common misbelief is that our older population is not interested in technology, but that is far from true. Many residents in my community, Cambridge Village of Apex enjoy learning how to use their tablets to share pictures with friends or videos to chat with grandchildren. Here are some growing trends that will enhance the community and increase the safety of residents.

Cambridge Village of Apex - Independent Living - Living Room

1.  K4 Connect uses a tablet customized for each resident that can keep them in the loop of activities, weather, and trips. Its mission is empowering those with disabilities and helping our older adults live a happy, healthy and active life.

2.  GoGo Grandparent. GoGo Grandparent is the same concept as an Uber, and they can accommodate walkers and wheelchairs

3.  Smile by Carextech. This technology tracks participation in activities, reviews calendar attendance, and creates a more active interaction with families and other residents through photo-sharing and other activities.

These are just a few ways to engage our aging population, keeping all active and safe.