Many people make New Year’s resolutions to get healthier. Besides losing weight, they realize a focus on fitness can improve sleep as well as boost the immune system.

Regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle are key factors in this important endeavor; however, it’s important to keep in mind that losing weight is different for each person. Besides diet and lifestyle, it’s necessary to factor in the individual’s health condition and the fact that certain workouts are more beneficial than others. For example, exercising at low intensity once a week for 30 minutes won’t provide any significant result. Instead, push yourself to exercise three or four time a week for real and obvious benefits.

1. Interval Training – Interval training is “any form of exercise where the heart rate spikes repeatedly and then comes down.” As long as the heart rate is elevated, one’s metabolism works harder. A cycling class which uses a variety of muscles is a perfect example.

2. Weight Training – Lifting weights, which increases the metabolic rate, makes you continue to burn calories throughout the day. A weight-lifting routine three times a week is recommended.

3. Bootcamp – This type of class incorporates both interval training and resistance in quick bursts for short periods of time, making sure you focus on correct form when performing the various exercises.

4. Boxing – Boxing, which works your arms, core, and legs, offers an overall full body workout, targeting muscles often forgotten. Boxing classes at Hemingway Hall include beginners.

5. Running – If you have sneakers, you’re ready to run. Use a treadmill to increase the incline to work glutes and legs. Hemingway Hall has plenty of treadmills or take a jog through the neighborhood.

6. CrossFit – This popular workout program isn’t for everyone, but some really enjoy it. The routines are short and intense for a full-body burn.

7. HIIT – High-intensity Interval Training is usually 20 seconds of a specific exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. It is usually repeated for 20 minutes, burning a lot of calories are burned in a short period of time.

8. Yoga – While not a major calorie burner, yoga helps keep one flexible and injury free with stretching exercises prior to more intense workouts. At Hemingway Hall, an entire yoga studio is at your disposal.

9. Swimming – An hour of swimming can burn 750 calories. Following your workout, swim laps in the pool at Creekside at Bethpage and then relax for the day.

10. Jumping Rope – This is an easy way to burn body fat without requiring equipment. Warm up for three minutes with a light skip, then do 100 traditional jumps. After that, do 100 rope sprints at an even quicker pace for a good workout.

Try to include some form of physical activity every day to keep joints and bones in good form. Working out might become a hobby that keeps you fit and agile as the years fly by.

Article by News and Ideas.