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We are certainly living in historic times and have so many messages in front of us daily that our heads are spinning. Now more than ever, I find myself wanting to quiet down all the “noise” and regroup. Yearning to be outside in the fresh air, spending time tinkering in the garden, or sitting on the porch with my husband while watching the boats go by helps me to regroup and balance my life. The extra time being at home is allowing me time to think. I am not getting any younger and before you know it, it will be time to retire. Am I taking the needed steps to reach my goals? Only time will tell.

One question that I do hear a lot lately, is what does the future look like for Retirement Communities? In this issue, we hear from Steve Fleming, CEO of the Well Spring Group and and Derrick Moore, Executive Director, Searstone, in our cover story. Also refer to “A Parting Word” on how communities are responding to COVID-19.

Stephanie Franklin Stephanie Franklin,
Regional Director
of Sales

As always, we have columns for your reading pleasure. The contributors are local experts who share with you everything from how to improve your health to planning for the future. While our print guide is packed full of helpful information to assist you in your search, you’ll find to be an even deeper resource for researching communities and services.

A big thank you to all the frontline heroes helping to keep us safe!

Stephanie Franklin

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story

How to Plan Your Future in a Day of Uncertainty

Independent Living

The Cambridge at Brier Creek Opening

Planning for the Future

How To Approach Market Volatility in Retirement

COVID-19 – Protecting Your Assets

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands!

Getting the Most from Medicare Advantage

Coping with COVID

Staying Fit & Healthy

What’s Next? The Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

The New Norm After the Storm

Manage Stress for a Strong Memory


Home is the Safest Place for Our Elderly During this Uncertain Time

News & Information

Study of Biomarker for Alzheimer’s

Beware of Work from Home Scams

A Parting Word, David Ammons