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Tina Glenn is the President of FirstLight Home Care of Guilford. She has over 40 years in healthcare and C-level executive experience of 28 years. She can be reached at 336-808-1351.

Provided by Tina Glenn, CEO and Roget de Percin Berendes with FirstLight Home of Guilford.

We are still living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Here is a helpful tool to help take some of the worry off of your plate and to be proactive now versus sorry later.


A checklist to help determine a caregiver’s or anyone in general’s Disaster Preparedness –
Remember our best strategy for any disaster is to be prepared.

  • Make a medication list of all medicines including over the counter medicines.
  • Have a list of telephone numbers for emergency. Be sure at least one of them is in another area. This should include; family, doctor, neighbors, etc.
  • Have a list of medical conditions, along with any medical treatments required by the patient.
  • Assist in putting together a “go kit” for situations where one has to leave home for safety. A “go kit” should include:  a change of clothes, medicines, medical equipment and supplies, food, water, toilet paper, flashlight, cash and coins, house keys.
  • Label medical equipment with name on it.
  • Have extra batteries for flashlight.
  • Have supplies necessary if forced to stay home due to disaster. (Food, water, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, medications, extra medical supplies if needed, manual can opener)
  • Notify your utility company of priority need for utilities if special medical equipment being utilized by clients such as ventilator, oxygen, dialysis, etc.
  • All lists and “go kit” should be easily accessible for leaving in a hurry.
  • Locate nearest emergency shelter for patient.
  • Have important identification and insurance information easily accessible. (Have copies made and keep with other lists in plastic bag).
  • Make sign that reads, “Evacuated” to leave on door in case of evacuation.