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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Local families caring for older adults with memory loss can now benefit from help in paying for the cost of care at Well•Spring Solutions, thanks to grant opportunities that support programming there.

Connections, A Memory Club is a group respite program for older adults with memory issues. The program is offered right now at two locations in Greensboro — Greensboro Children’s Museum (temporarily during COVID) and Muir’s Chapel United Methodist Church. Connections takes place from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. on certain days of the week depending on the location.

“Connections provides a critical opportunity for individuals who are caring for family members an opportunity to have a break from caregiving responsibilities,” said Anita Brock-Carter, Director of Memory Care Services. “This is so important for people in a stressful and tiring caregiving role – they need time for themselves, to rest and relax, take care of their own needs, and replenish the energy needed to provide for their loved one. Just as important, Connections also gives the loved one receiving care a chance to enjoy activities, exercise, music, lunch and interaction with peers, while in a safe and trusting environment with close supervision.”

Brock-Carter pointed out that the impact of COVID has only exacerbated the stress of caregivers and further limited engagement opportunities for those with memory loss. “That’s why this CARES Act funding is especially needed right now for caregivers – particularly those who otherwise might not be able to financially swing a program like Connections. We really encourage anyone to check with us about possible financial assistance toward the cost of enrolling your loved one in Connections.”

Specifically, the Connections program offers its members:

  • Safe and secure setting
  • Participation in recreational and social activities
  • Involvement in educational and cultural programs
  • Continued community involvement
  • Transportation to and from the program can be arranged
  • Daily exercise program
  • Intergenerational experiences and stimulating activities for persons with all backgrounds.

To learn more about Connections and to inquire about the possibility of financial support toward the cost of care, please call our Navigator at (336) 545-5377.

About Well-Spring Solutions

Well-Spring Solutions is part of the nonprofit The Well-Spring Group, based in Greensboro, and the “sister” organization of Well-Spring, A Life Plan Community. Through Well-Spring Solutions, we offer a full complement of home and community-based services, specializing in programs that support those with dementia and their families. In addition, we offer caregiver education classes and support groups for caregivers.