“I am an enthusiastic advocate of clinical trials as a way for all of us to participate in advancing medical research. For my entire career I have done research in my own field, which has nothing to do with medicine. When I was offered the opportunity to join clinical trials, I thought that those of us who value research from personal experience should be the first to sign up, so I did – twice, and I would do so again.”

“Medical studies are simply my way of contributing to society beyond any professional contributions. I firmly believe that participating in medical studies will improve life for everyone. When I experience muscle pain and reach for ibuprofen, I realize that there were people in the past who participated in study groups for this over-the-counter drug. In my case, participating in a medical study gave rise to paying closer attention to warning signals I may have been (perhaps) neglecting.”

Am I a good candidate for Clinical Trials?

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding to participate.

Question 1:  I am interested in clinical trials because …

A. I would like to be paid for participating in clinical trials.

B. I would like to help research new treatments and therapies.

C. The treatment that I am currently using for my illness isn’t working and I would like to try something new.

D. I would like to receive high-quality, free medical care while participating in a clinical trial.

Question 2:  When my doctor gives me specific instructions about my treatment or medicine I usually …

A. Forget the instructions right away.

B. Follow the instructions to the best of my ability.

C. Write down the instructions and follow them precisely. 

Question 3:  When it comes to appointments with my doctor I usually …

A. Have to reschedule over and over, I’m just too busy to make those appointments every time.

B. Make it to every appointment.

C. Arrive at each appointment on time and ready to take an active role in my medical care, my health is most important to me.

Question 4:  I use illegal drugs …

A. Frequently or occasionally.

B. Never.

If you chose mostly B’s, C’s, or D’s, you are most likely a good candidate for Clinical Trials participation.