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Cambridge Village of Apex: Garden Hut

Expect the unexpected at the Cambridge Village of Apex. This community got creative – with a generator of all things. The large generator was installed near the community garden area. The generator may be essential, but it wasn’t the most attractive thing to see in the garden. The community wanted to keep the gardens beautiful for everyone to enjoy so they got creative. Lifestyle Director, Allison Bailey, explains the unique story behind how the generator turned into a charming “hut.”

Instead of having a big gray box in the garden area, a professional artist (Jeanine Romeo of Artrageous-Art) painted the generator and transformed it into a beautiful work of art that compliments the garden and helps create a joyful space for everyone who visits. This unusual garden art masterpiece will be enjoyed for years to come. “We call it our garden hut,” said Bailey. When not admiring the “hut,” visitors and residents enjoy taking in the scents of the colorful garden filled with native plants and flowers all season long.

Cambridge Village of Apex