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Household Movers Must Be Certified

Consumers are warned to avoid hiring movers of household goods without certification from the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Movers transporting household goods within North Carolina must hold certificates issued by the Commission if they are providing service for compensation. Exceptions to this requirement are government and military moves, commercial moves, and new furniture/retail deliveries. Commission-authorized movers must submit criminal history [...]

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Eco-Conscious Moving

By Cheryl Farkas Home to Home in Guilford, a senior move management company, offers services beyond just moving. Before you put your house on the market, a house clean-out by Home to Home may be in order. Since there are almost always things that you may not want or need in your new home, Jos Jansen explains, “It’s the way [...]

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Personal Experience Grows Business

By Cheryl Farkas Home to Home in Guilford was founded due to a personal experience Owner Jos Jansen had. Originally from the Netherlands, he always desired to live in the United States. and had been a citizen for many years. Raised in an entrepreneurial family and as difficult as it was, his parents paid for his college education in international [...]

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Home to Home: For the Love of Seniors

By Cheryl Farkas Home to Home in Guilford is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a considerable expansion of its operations. Along with its operations in Greensboro, Pinehurst, and Raleigh, Home to Home is increasingly crossing state lines although this is not especially new. The company has traveled the entire east coast and as far west as Texas since the beginning [...]

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Downsizing and Moving, A Different Freedom

By Cheryl Farkas Most of us wait entirely too long to make moving and downsizing decisions while not considering all of the positive aspects. There are actually many. And, if you try to make it a positive change while you are better able, it simply will be. Fear will subside, because the time you invest now, in preparation for your [...]

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Being Moved In Many Ways

By Cheryl Farkas A standard moving company moves furniture and belongings. A senior move manager moves you and everything about you, past and present. They care specifically for older adults, their family members and their needs before, during and after a move, handling all of the details, emotional and physical aspects. It takes special people to patiently deal with extraordinary [...]

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Home to Home Moves Far and Near

By Cheryl Farkas Busy working families look to find a trustworthy moving company for their aging parents in whom they have confidence. And the relationship goes both ways as the senior move manager seeks to build a mutually pleasant association since the family may call for their services multiple times. The Ted Burnett family is an example. “Since the first [...]

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Downsizing, A Generational View

By Cheryl Farkas As we move through time, it’s noticeable that each generation has a statement to make about possessions and what that means to them. Moving from “the person with the most toys wins,” to “reducing your carbon footprint” is quite a change, as certified Senior Move Managers know very well. Downsizing a home involves shedding belongings; it’s the [...]

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Living Better with Less

By Sarah Hunter, owner of Simply Organized and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. When you think of “downsizing,” do you imagine having to get rid of all the things you’ve loved and collected over a lifetime? Do you see all your books, china, and furniture stacked out on the sidewalk, waiting for pick-up? Well, that’s not a [...]

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Tips for Transition

Some tips to help alleviate the stress of moving into a retirement community: Total Immersion:  After the initial research, go experience the prospective communities. Keep family in the loop:  Keep family members involved when moving through the selection process. They provide a strong support system and show both family and staff that their input is valued. Hire a pro:  A [...]

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