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Choice Connections of NC allows families to be there for their loved one, rather than being their caregiver.

We know that what families are going through is stressful and time-consuming. Our customers are people who are spending money on caregiving, or their caregiving role is taking away from work and family and putting a strain on their relationships.

We help you get your loved ones the care they need at a price they can afford. Our TEAM approach—combining gerontology, social work, nursing, placement, and insurance help all under one roof—is what makes us different. We help your loved one make good decisions, avoid common pitfalls, plan for the future, and have a plan in case of emergency.

We are an experienced team who knows the local resources and can guide families through the senior care system. Visit Choice Connections of NC at or call 336-303-1419.

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Choice Connections NC – Staff

Choice Connections NC - Dr. Corinne Auman - HeadshotDr. Corinne Auman
Choice Connections of NC Founder and CEO
Choice Connections NC - Tricia House - HeadshotTricia House
Area of Expertise:  Placement Specialist
Choice Connections NC - Andrea Harmon - HeadshotAndrea Harmon
Area of Expertise:  Social Work
Choice Connections NC - Ashley Beale - HeadshotAshley Beale
Area of Expertise:  Social Work
Choice Connections NC - Ester Skiff, RN - HeadshotEster Skiff, RN
Area of Expertise:  Registered Nurse
Choice Connections NC - Cheryl Howard, RN - HeadshotCheryl Howard, RN
Area of Expertise:  Registered Nurse

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Vickie Bullins
Area of Expertise:
Insurance and Billing Specialist


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