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Love for Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

Elder & Wiser - Brenda PlanesElder & Wiser – Brenda Planes

Losing independence is difficult for seniors and their families. Elder & Wiser is here to help you navigate the way and guide you through the steps. Brenda Planes has decades of experience assisting families dealing with age-related issues. Elder & Wiser is here to help you. Free Consultation and Evaluation.


  • Healthcare Advocacy
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal and Documentation needs
  • Emotional Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Medical Support
  • Long Term Planning


Beyond the Empty Chair

July 15th, 2020|Senior Care Management|

Facing the first round of holidays and celebrations without a loved one can be difficult for any family, even when your Aunt works in eldercare. When my grandpa first went into the hospital, our family started to prepare ourselves for the reality that he may never return home again. [...]

Overcoming Hurdles in Healthcare

October 28th, 2018|News & Information, Senior Care Management|

Brenda Planes Former Social Work Department Head at Abbotts Creek Center, Brenda Planes sees an opportunity to go the extra mile to impact the senior community. Through her launch of Elder & Wiser, Planes is able to continue her passion of helping caregivers, families and seniors navigate the challenges [...]