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You are likely a “Foodie” whether you realize it or not. In our retirement years, we almost certainly appreciate good food now more than ever before. Retirement communities know this, and as a result, continue to raise the bar ever higher each year as each seek not so much to best each other as to reach culinary “nirvana” for their residents. This issue’s cover story explores the culinary scene at some of the top retirement communities in central North Carolina. And what a scene it is. The chefs at these communities take their roles very seriously and are turning out … on a daily basis … some of the most creative, wonderful and simply remarkable culinary creations imaginable.

The retirement lifestyle afforded by North Carolina’s retirement communities … the industry refers to them as “Life Plan” and “Independent Living” Communities … is, simply put, the ultimate retirement lifestyle choice. These communities have developed fine reputations for providing the resort lifestyle that most aspire to … from full social calendars to extraordinary living accommodations and amenities. But nothing speaks to a retiree’s heart like great food and today’s retirement communities are truly delivering an over-the-top culinary experience.

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Cover Story

Building Community with Extraordinary Culinary Experiences

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Staying Fit & Healthy

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Hot Chocolate with Tiny Marshmallows

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