Independent Living

Designed for those looking for a resort-style way of life and the opportunity to sustain longstanding friendships as well as develop new ones—but also remain comfortably independent—the Independent Living lifestyle allows you the time to enjoy life without the worries of home maintenance or planning and preparing meals.

In an Independent Living community, you’ll enjoy a luxurious, carefree lifestyle and have access to a broad array of exciting, educational activities and many opportunities for enlivening social events, as well as an assortment of amenities that can include restaurants and cafes for dining, entertainment and wellness options such as theatres, arts and crafts, libraries, pools, and gyms, and other conveniences such as hair salons.

Housing styles—all well-appointed and comfortable—will vary by community, as will amenities; pricing will reflect the level of these amenities.

Independent Living communities generally provide convenient transportation and services to make your life easier, and most of them are secured for peace of mind and the safety of you and your home.