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Fall 2021 Issue

In This Issue ... “Dancing with The Stars” television show has helped raise awareness of the beauty, skill and Wow! Factor of ballroom dancing for the younger set. High schoolers are taking to the sport, and art, of dance. Retirees have long been drawn to ballroom dancing [...]

September 2nd, 2021|2021 Issues|
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Bookmarks: 10th Annual Movable Feast & Parapalooza

On Saturday, February 26, Bookmarks brings the love of reading to the public with the Parapalooza event. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to 22 authors read select passages from their books. On Sunday, February 27, the Movable Feast event gives attendees the opportunity to connect with and talk to authors. [...]

January 4th, 2022|Arts & Culture|
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