A Parting Word – By David Ammons

David Ammons is president of Retirement Living Associates, Inc. (RLA), a company which provides planning, development, marketing, and management services for new and existing retirement communities. He has worked in and with Senior Living Communities since his graduation from Wake Forest University in 1985.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities’ Payment Options

In today’s article I address a common question about retirement communities. Specifically Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) which some call Life Plan communities. The question varies but is around which financial plan is best for me or us. CCRC’s are generally available as either: [...]

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You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Moving can be stressful, but there are a number of resources available so that it doesn’t have to be. Those who have a team of professionals working together to get someone from a home to most likely a much smaller apartment in a senior living community are the residents who are set up for success. The professionals below can make selling your home, packing and moving to a senior living community a much less tedious task. [...]

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Inflation & Staffing – Trying Not to Panic

I hope not to overwhelm the reader of this article with statistics and examples, because the impact of cost increases in both inflation and staffing vary by location, type of community, and management decisions. Over my 37 years of involvement in the retirement community industry, I thought I had learned not to let a few events or factors cause panic. But the reality of inflation’s impact to tangible purchases [...]

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Waiting List – Priority List – Reservation List – Etc.

I still get caught by surprise by a particular community’s process for their Waiting List. I will share what I know or believe I know, but let me be very clear at the beginning of this article that you need to be sure to ask enough questions with a community you are talking to in order to fully understand their “_________ List.” [...]

2023-06-04T19:07:04-04:00December 29th, 2022|A Parting Word - By David Ammons|

CCRCs Waiting List – Essential, Preferred or Fall Back?

Different communities handle their Waiting List or Priority List with their own rules and policies. It is important to get on a Waiting List or two or three. It is even more important to Make A Plan. More and more seniors witnessed the need for their parents to have a plan and now it is time for them to make their own plans. [...]

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