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  • Leaving an Inheritance… It’s More Than Just Money

    When it comes to leaving an inheritance to loved ones, many boomers and seniors automatically think of leaving cash, real estate, business interests, and life insurance proceeds to family. But for those who find themselves devastated after the loss of a loved one, often intangible assets carry the most value [...]

    2019-09-05T12:27:19-05:00September 5th, 2019|Elder Law, Estate Planning|

    User Beware!

    In two recent conversations, one with a client and another with a much loved aunt, I learned they were using a bank account debit card for everyday purchases. I thought everyone was aware that debit card fraud has become a major risk that we all should want to avoid. [...]

    2019-09-05T11:39:58-05:00September 5th, 2019|Financial Planning & Money Management|

    Emergency! – Have a Plan

    Talking about emergencies, sudden illnesses, and death won't kill you - but most people avoid this conversation with loved ones. Acknowledging these realities can prepare and protect your family in financial and non-financial ways and ultimately give your family peace of mind! Once these safeguards are in place, regularly update [...]

    2019-09-04T18:33:34-05:00September 4th, 2019|Products & Services|
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