Moving & Downsizing

Downsizing for a New Venture

Moving and downsizing are especially hard for the growing Baby Boomer generation. Whether you do it yourself or contract for a senior move service to assist, there are several tips to make the process easier. First of all, PLAN PLAN PLAN. Create an inventory sheet to track which items are to be donated or packed. If going through memorabilia causes [...]

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Downsizing: Navigating the Next Chapter

A lifetime of flourishing and growth means we’ve not only surrounded ourselves with more loved ones but also with more things we love. We have established, increased and furnished our estates; we have traveled, bought and inherited. But when the time comes to relocate and simplify, downsizing may be more complicated than we imagined. Perhaps we don’t know the value [...]

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Moving Tips

By Home to Home Guilford You’ve decided you’re going to pack for your move. It’s been a long time since your last move and you’re trying to figure out just where to start. Here are some helpful tips from professionals at Home to Home, senior move managers. Go out and purchase three boxes and a roll of tape. Buy one [...]

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Tips from a Professional Downsizer

DIY or Hire a Professional? Even the closest of families have a difficult time staying out of conflict during the downsizing process. If one or more siblings are involved in sorting and downsizing past memories and collected possessions of their parents, it can quickly unwind and get stressful. It takes time and patience. So, for some families, it may make [...]

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Downsized …with Pleasure

By Cheryl Farkas Gigi decided it was time for her 84-year-old mother, Jean, to downsize from a five-bedroom house in Jamestown to a one-bedroom home in a retirement community in St. Augustine, FL, several miles away from Gigi. They embarked on Gigi’s project together, sorting, packing and looking around the house, wondering how they were going to do this, just [...]

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Choosing the Right Mover

Relocating is stressful. Don’t add headache by picking the wrong mover. A poorly-researched company may not treat your belongings with care. It could even try to scam you. Excel Moving and Storage, a trusted Carolinas-based mover, has provided these five tips for choosing the right company. 1. Start Researching Early Excel recommends beginning your search at least eight weeks before [...]

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Still Going the Extra Miles

By Cheryl Farkas Home to Home, primarily a moving company serving seniors, understands the demands of families today and, increasingly as parents want to move closer to their children (and grandchildren), adult children are needing and wanting to move closer to their aging parents to help with their care. This results in an increased need for certified senior move companies [...]

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Home to Home in Comparison

By Cheryl Farkas Because Senior Move Management is a fairly new niche in the moving industry, many people do not understand the difference between hiring a SMM, and just a local moving company. “We are a completely ‘a la carte’ moving company with many optional services” says Jos Jansen, owner of Home to Home. Moving doesn’t have to be difficult [...]

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Going The Extra Miles

By Cheryl Farkas Home to Home in Guilford is celebrating its six-year anniversary with a considerable expansion of its operations. Moving seniors requires traveling to and from a wider area of surrounding states. To keep up with the growing demand, along with its operations in Greensboro, Pinehurst, and Raleigh,Home to Home has recently purchased a new company in Durham. Jos [...]

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