Moving and downsizing are especially hard for the growing Baby Boomer generation.

Whether you do it yourself or contract for a senior move service to assist, there are several tips to make the process easier.

First of all, PLAN PLAN PLAN. Create an inventory sheet to track which items are to be donated or packed.

If going through memorabilia causes great stress, hire a professional organizer who can make this part of the job much easier.

Presort and Create memory boxes. Fill them with the things that bring back great memories. Then take each item out and photograph it, making a book with, filling it with pictures that still hold the memories. Then donate or give away the items that are stored in the box.

Tag items with different colored labels for identification of what goes.

Finally, put your past life to rest in memories. Memories collected in the future can be just as bright, or even brighter than those past.