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By Cheryl Farkas

Home to Home, primarily a moving company serving seniors, understands the demands of families today and, increasingly as parents want to move closer to their children (and grandchildren), adult children are needing and wanting to move closer to their aging parents to help with their care.

This results in an increased need for certified senior move companies who are licensed to move state to state. Home to Home covers the entire eastern coast. If there are moves needed in western states, the company makes it as easy and as affordable as possible, working with many common carriers to accommodate each client’s needs.

Home to Home’s specialty is in customer service. Often there are health issues, a death in the family, or other circumstances that require an extremely sensitive approach. Home to Home is interlinked with many senior companies so that if they can not supply a service, they can rely on their extended senior resources to help fulfill the needs of their clients.

Attention to each of the smallest details in a move is important. This often involves unusual requests for services that are not directly associated with moving; however, the company has found that the more services provided to the client, the easier the move turns out to be.

Jos Jansen, owner of Home to Home, says, “Our constant approach to moving is to be a company of excellence which is what makes us better with every move.”

Before assuming the challenge of doing every aspect of moving yourself, consider some of the other services that are offered: Packing, unpacking, downsizing, selling unwanted items, shipping to family members, rightsizing to fit comfortably into your new home, etc.

Jos Jansen is a certified Senior Move Manager with Home to Home. Along with an experienced staff, his team graciously tends to the needs of clients. For more information and a free estimate on home transitioning, call 336-698-4280, email info@HomeToHomeGuilford.com, or visit our website at www.HomeToHomeGuilford.com.

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