For two decades, Janice S. White has been assisting people with their hearing needs. As founder of Hearing Solutions, she has been present at many life-altering moments when someone hears clearly for the first time.

With the dawn of the digital age, the life-altering moment when a customer hears clearly for the first time, occurs more often and more dramatically than in the past.

I have a patient who has worn hearing aids for more than 20 years. Last year when he was fitted with new wireless digital technology, his wife attended the fitting. When his new aids were set, he looked at his wife and exclaimed, “It sounds like you have a lisp!”

She responded, “That’s because I do.”

As his wife began speaking, the gentleman began to cry. “What is all this hiss I am hearing?”

“Consonants” I explained.

At this point his wife reached for a tissue. (I think we all cried a little) His wife of 48 years had never understood that he could not hear a consonant sound, not even with his old analog hearing aids.

At least she understood that through all the years, she had said one thing and he heard something different. (“Train or rain,” “cheese or please,” or “whip or flip”)

Today this became clear to her, but even better, words had become very clear to him as well. With new technology his understanding of words reached a new high, and many of their everyday communication challenges were left in my office to be taken out with a trash-can full of tear-stained tissues.

I see this couple every 90 days or so. They continue to rave about the difference the new aids have made in their life with improved communication.

Thankfully, there are many dramatic stories I could share, but this one especially touched my heart.

My husband has worn hearing instruments since he was five years old so I know the challenges on both a professional and personal level. Hearing loss impacts the patient and everyone around him/her. What a joy to share the positive impact where there is a new solution!