Dr. Aaron Williams, DC

By Brad Cheek

Dr. Aaron Williams, DC is a graduate of Life University and vice president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association central district.

The Pain and Laser Center has seen its client base increase by four times over the years since Dr. Aaron Williams took it over from his father, and he isn’t surprised by this in the least.

Although he’s invested in top-of-the-line technology to be on the forefront of patient care, Dr. Williams sees these instruments as what they are: tools to achieve a goal. To him, two factors have contributed most to his success.

The first is his strong relationships with prescribing physicians with whom he works to co-manage a patient’s treatment. Dr. Williams built trust by educating these doctors about his practice and reassuring them that his tactics will bring benefit.

“A lot of people think ‘chiropractor’ and think aggressive, hard bone movement; we do a lot of mechanical adjusting which can be done on a baby, or a 100 year old person with osteoporosis.”

The second is the deadline-focused treatment schedule which he shares with patients on their first visit. If a patient doesn’t improve in the allotted time, Dr. Williams doesn’t hesitate to conclude that his treatments aren’t what the patient needs, and will refer him/her to another specialist who can better assist them.

“Posture is our passion,” states Dr. Aaron Williams. The majority of issues he treats stem from nothing more than patients’ failure to sit, stand, or carry themselves in a manner that doesn’t harm their bodies.

“The whole purpose of what we do is to move joints so that they don’t grind with one another,” he says. Many of his treatments won’t stick in the long term if posture issues aren’t fixed. Because of this, Dr. Williams has developed a passion for teaching posture restoration to his patients.

He believes everyone should be checked by a specialist since many people have unknown symptoms which don’t cause pain, such as having legs of uneven lengths. When unchecked, patients will unknowingly compensate for these issues in unhealthy ways.

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On top of that, posture issues from youth become exacerbated by the passage of time. For instance, a shortened leg on a young adult can lead to the need for a hip replacement as that individual ages. Although it may be easiest on the patient if the issues are diagnosed and corrected at a young age, anyone can benefit from his guidance. Although it often isn’t possible to completely fix a problem if it has progressed too far, Dr. Williams uses every play in his manual to correct the problem as much as possible.

The strategy he employs for each patient takes a two-pronged approach to healing, neither of which outranks the other. Known as the Pain and Laser Center for good reason, the office is equipped with PulStar and K-Laser machines, each of which help expedite the healing process.

The K-Laser uses heat to open blood vessels and bring oxygenated blood to damaged. The laser is unique because it can reach injuries which are deep beneath the skin. Furthermore, the laser can prevent the formation of scar tissue if it is applied to an injury quickly enough.

The PulStar makes adjustments / maniuplations to problem areas much more gently than humans can with their hands; this is vital for more-delicate patients and highly beneficial for everyone else. By making adjustments of about one millimeter at a time, Dr. Williams and the PulStar fix spinal issues which would have defeated chiropractors of past generations.

However, these devices would bring little long-term benefit without the use of simpler, tried-and-true techniques and tools. Exercises such as mirror-image stretches help counteract damage, and inexpensive products, such as rubber shoe inserts, can prevent the worsening of issues down the road.

The success of the Pain and Laser Center is due to having the knowledge, technology, and understanding of their patients to help alleviate their pain.