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Independent Living Communities, like Waltonwood Cary Parkway and Waltonwood Lake Boone, offer a full array of activities beyond entertainment and an exceptional food service.

A complete Fitness Center, directed by a full-time Fitness Coordinator, includes water aerobics, Zumba Gold classes, one-on-one fitness training, and swimming classes.

Waltonwood - Cary Parkway
Waltonwood Cary Parkway

The dining room features a see-through fireplace, opening onto an outdoor terrace, and a dance floor, created for the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It’s where the Glenn Miller Orchestra came to play and more recently, the NC Symphony Ensemble.

Residents may work out on the sit-down elliptical machines or enroll in regular classes for everything from arthritis exercises to Wii Bowling competitions. Following a strenuous session, many schedule a visit with the massage therapist who is on-site twice weekly.

There are daily gatherings, planned and impromptu, at Waltonwood. The Players Club off the main lobby is site of card games or a pickup game of pool in the classic billiards room. Nearby a full schedule of art classes is offered in the Creative Hands Room where residents are encouraged to explore their creativity.

Accommodations range from 12 cottages (1,500 square feet) to interior apartments which range from 1000-1400 square feet for two-bedroom units.

Waltonwood Lake Boone
Waltonwood Lake Boone

In spite of Waltonwood’s varied activities, most residents still like to travel to visit family and friends or to experience a foreign clime. But often the greatest pleasure is returning to Waltonwood where the motto is “relax, mingle, celebrate…” and its residents certainly do.

For details, call 919-439-4490 or visit www.waltonwood.com.