Nothing sets the tone for a room as much as your flooring. And few things in a home give as much direct and constant enjoyment as flooring, be it beautiful hardwoods, sumptuous carpet, or one of the many new laminate options available today. Replacing the carpet in a room is a relatively easy remodeling project and can be budget friendly or an extravagance. Regardless of which option you choose…budget minded or extravagent…few projects have such an impact on a room or a lifestyle. Today’s carpets are different than those of just a few years ago as well. New fabrics are what are being billed as “SuperSoft” carpets. These carpets beg the owner to lie down on the floor or walk barefooted as they are as the name implies…SuperSoft.

For those looking to spruce up a home in preparation for resale, new carpet again comes to the rescue. You can give a room or an entire house a makeover with new carpet and paint and add thousands to the value of your home.

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