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Cambridge Village of Apex: Fitness is Key

A community’s fitness program is one of the most important elements to a happy, healthy, and full life. Cambridge Village at Apex really focuses on fitness as a key part of their Optimal Living Program. Patrick Schrader, the Wellness Director at Cambridge Village of Apex, talks about his background and different aspects of the Optimal Living Program.

Schrader said, “My background is in Biochemistry and Exercise Science. My passion is to make sure that our residents can be functionally fit and enjoy their time here at Cambridge in the community and just be as engaged as possible throughout that process. Some of the programs that we offer here at Cambridge are going to be a diverse mix to cater to the individual because everyone’s goals are different. So if we think about somebody they may need a little bit more individualize attention and we offer personal training and one-on-one coaching, but for those that are more interested in a group setting we also offer a variety of group exercise classes that very from strength, stability, balance, to things like Tai Chi and aqua aerobics, we really want to give people variety. For those who just like to have an opportunity to come down and use our gym, that is open as well. We have a selection of strength cardio and functional movement equipment.”

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