Lisa Beckstrom - Headshot Lisa J. Beckstrom

Lisa J. Beckstrom, MS, CHC is a health coach and the founder of Lasting Change (, a health coaching practice. Using Integrative health and functional medicine principles, she guides you through subtle lifestyle changes that will result in significant improvements to your health and wellness so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life.

You have chronic pain, irritating health ailments, lack of energy, and/or excess weight. Your physician recommends that you exercise, change your diet, get better sleep, and reduce stress. You decide to take control of your health and sift through the vast amount of online health and wellness information. There is so much information and many different viewpoints that you’re left feeling overwhelmed and confused. So, you try changing your lifestyle, but you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, and you wind up feeling discouraged.

If this is you – hire a health coach. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do so earlier.

How can a health coach help you?

Health coaches are knowledgeable in nutrition, healthy foods that serve your body, optimal exercises that address your needs, and stress management techniques that will help you to rebalance and restore your body to optimal health. Health coaches have been trained to guide you through your wellness journey and educate you so that you can ultimately make the best choices to support your health.

Customized Program:
As I remind my clients, there is no “one size fits all” approach to getting healthy. Health coaches take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your current diet, and your health and wellness goals. They work with you to develop a unique program so you can reach your goals.

Habit Formation and Accountability:
Health coaches empower you to make lasting behavior changes that will be the foundation of your lifelong well-being. Using evidence-based techniques, they help you implement small changes, at a pace that’s comfortable for you. It’s about taking a realistic approach to meeting your goals. Health coaches want their clients to succeed; they will hold you accountable. Having to be accountable to someone for the steps you must take to reinstate good health can significantly increase your chances of making lasting changes.

Addressing Health Ailments and Supplementation:
If you want to go beyond lifestyle changes, functional medicine health coaches have advanced, specialized training to help their clients get to the root cause of their symptoms. They have training on the body’s biochemistry, which allows them to understand chronic disease, autoimmune and pain disorders, hormone imbalance, and other body dysfunctions. They can recommend and interpret lab testing so you can make the appropriate lifestyle changes to alleviate your chronic issues. Mineral deficiencies are more common today due in part to depleted soils, so a functional medicine health coach can tell you where you’re deficient and offer quality supplementation to support your body’s optimal wellness.

Do you want freedom from your health worries? Hiring a health coach might be an option to explore.