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Prince Deese, an All American Wrestler, a Hall of Fame Football Player, and a State Champion Body Builder, is a certified personal trainer and strength conditioning specialist. Prince Deese and Gina Deese own A.C.T. by Deese, a Fitness & Training Center in Greensboro, NC. Contact him at 336-617-5304.

Few things are as concerning as gaining weight for no apparent reason. Most of us put on weight because of our own dietary habits. However, sudden weight gain can be due to an underlying health condition.

Age. As you grow older, your muscular tissues start breaking down, resulting in slow metabolism. This means your body burns fewer calories than it used to. The good news is that a daily exercise routine can help with this.

Stress. Who among us isn’t constantly under stress? When you are tense, your body produces large amounts of the stress-hormone, cortisol, which is associated with fat storage in your abdominal region. If you are under a lot of stress, meditation or deep-breathing can help.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown though it is thought to be due to hormonal imbalances in women, including increased testosterone, leading to insulin resistance. Some of its marked symptoms include increased body fat, irregular and painful periods and excess body hair. Women can control this through diet and exercise.

Hypothyroidism. The condition is caused by underactive thyroid. Thyroid hormones are essential for regulating metabolism and if their production slows down, it can lead to seemingly inexplicable weight gain. The condition is most common in women and can be controlled by medication. In some cases, it can also be controlled by dietary changes and a scheduled exercise plan.

Diabetes Treatment. Weight gain is a common complaint of people with diabetes who take insulin shots. Insulin helps reduce blood-glucose level and people with diabetes tend to eat more when trying to prevent hypoglycemia, or sudden lowering of blood sugar. There are several community diabetes education classes available that can offer people advice on how to live a fuller life with diabetes. Exercise should be part of the plan.

Drugs. Many prescription medications for disorders like diabetes, depression, blood pressure and anxiety may result in weight gain. Some of these flare up your appetite while other slow down your metabolism. Make sure to ask your doctor about the medication’s side effects. Additionally, overuse of acid blockers, antibiotics, aspirin, steroids and anti-inflammatory medicine can all lead to bloating and weight gain. There are several other causes for weight gain. If you experience sudden weight gain or weight loss, get yourself checked by a doctor ASAP. Live a healthy and strong life.

Instead of being over concerned about how you look in your favorite outfit, incorporate good eating habits, good sleep habits and a regularly schedule fitness plan for your wellness needs. If not sure where to begin, there are many exercise programs offered for beginners or find a personal trainer who can advise you on your road to better health.

Often there may be many questions when beginning a fitness program. Call A.C.T. by Deese at 336-617-5304 to schedule an appointment.