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Prince Deese, an All American Wrestler, a Hall of Fame Football Player, and a State Champion Body Builder, is a certified personal trainer and strength conditioning specialist. Prince Deese and Gina Deese own A.C.T. by Deese, a Fitness & Training Center in Greensboro, NC. Contact him at 336-617-5304.

Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, elderberry, and more have become common multivitamin household supplements during the “sick season” to strengthen the immune system. We like to believe that daily doses of these products alone will superpower our immune systems; however, have you included or added a daily dose of exercise to support your wellness options?

Taking steps to strengthen your immune function and body systems will offer rewards. If you have not yet planned your daily physical fitness, this may be a good time to get in touch with your physician and begin a new regime to further strengthen your body against diseases. The many years of studies documenting the importance of daily exercise continue to prove that people who engage in moderate intensity exercise are less likely to report symptoms associated with respiratory infections, have better balance, less obesity and reduce the risks of other diseases like diabetes and heart disease to mention a few.

As we age and become sedentary, or as we remain in quarantine away from activity, we must make a conscious effort to remain active so our immune systems can continue to fight their daily battles and prevent serious conditions such as blurred vision, extreme fatigue, unmanageable weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle cramping, back pain and the many other issues which plague us.

The immune system is a set of tissues that work together to resist the invaders like viruses, bacteria or other pathogens and then help to remove them from the body. Of course there is more to immunity than my simple description, but it is a part of the entire picture when trying to resist germs. Proper sleep patterns, a healthy diet, good hygiene and daily exercise are simple ways we can take control of our health to better our immune system. As the saying goes, “The more we do for our health, the better we will feel and the better we feel, the more we will do.” Quality of life remains and we can stay independent.

There are a variety of fitness programs throughout the community and exercise professionals that can help you get started on a wellness journey. Swim, take a walk with a friend, march during commercials, use household items for hand weights , park your car away from your appointments, stretch and reach daily and get creative with movement as this will activate the immune system to increase both the speed at which the system removes invaders and educates the body to fight future invaders from returning.

Along with genetics, it is what you do that makes the difference in your health. Don’t wait for a bad report but jump into good health with excitement and an attitude to concur the villains that attack our body systems. Inactivity is the biggest villain that you need to resist. So, get moving and help your body reach its healthiest condition. It is exercise that will help you to stay on your road to better health.