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“Dancing with The Stars” television show has helped raise awareness of the beauty, skill and Wow! Factor of ballroom dancing for the younger set. High schoolers are taking to the sport, and art, of dance. Retirees have long been drawn to ballroom dancing; for many, the sudden availability of time to pursue new activities has allowed them to take up ballroom dancing after a lifetime of having to “sit out” the dances at weddings and parties. No longer! Retirement offers the chance to reinvent ourselves as we take on learning of new activities, rekindling and reconnection to a sport, travel, or taking time for coffee at the art gallery, a visit to a winery or simply…enjoying life. Despite your fears, the professionals who teach ballroom dance promise that “everyone can learn to dance”…. it’s not just for the rhythmically gifted. Ballroom dancing can enhance life in many ways from the social connections it forms to the health and emotional benefits which are substantial. Dasha Chube is the manager at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Greensboro. She grew up in the Ukraine where the sport of dance is taken very seriously from an early age. Ask her about the benefits of dance to the retirement-aged public and she will describe in detail the many facets of how dance improves healthy, vitality and joy of life.

Central North Carolina has so much to offer the retiree. A vibrant arts scene, active sports from ballroom dance to hiking to kayaking to snow skiing, travel destinations at our back door and a climate that makes it accessible 12-months a year. In today’s world, with so many opportunities at our fingertips, retirement is to be embraced. In Central North Carolina, Retirement has never looked so good!

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