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Magnolia Glen – Nature Trails

Today’s Featured Amenity can be found in North Raleigh at Magnolia Glen. Kara Smith, a member of the Sales Team has been with Magnolia Glen for just about a year and shares her background and what makes Magnolia Glen so special.

Smith said, “Magnolia Glen has been here for just over 20 years. We had a big 20th Anniversary party last year for our community. We are on twelve acres right off Creedmoor Road, just a little north of Crabtree Valley Mall. We have about 26 acres behind us, which is Brookhaven Nature Preserve. It’s full of walking trails, some water, and lots of nature. Residents really love to use this part of our community. You know, I think when they are moving out of their own homes, sometimes it’s really hard to leave the backyard or the woods that you may have had behind your house. So when we welcome them here, they have all of this nature to enjoy in their own backyard while they’re living here.”

Magnolia Glen