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The word “Retirement” is arguably one of the most loaded words in the English language. Retirement means vastly different things to different people. Some will be excited to never work another day in their lives. Others may seek a totally new career. Some will embrace travel and endeavor to visit every remote corner of the world. Others may be completely content to tend their garden or have morning coffee with their newspaper as they become “a regular” at the cozy coffee shop around the corner. And then there are family and friends to consider as you suddenly find more time for both in your schedule. But will they have time for you? Especially if they have young kids in the family and work lives they still juggle.

That’s where strategy comes into play. Getting far flung (or even near flung) family together can be a challenge. The same with friends groups if you want to enjoy more than the occasional cocktails and dinner together. Planning a great getaway can be the impetus to bring everyone together whether it be your friend group or the family. Find an exciting fun-filled venue with fantastic accommodations and, magically, schedules can clear up and everyone’s calendar gets blocked … in ink!! … for the big trip. Luckily, we live in a state where we have the coast and the mountains each a short drive away. With minimal travel time involved, the “fun time” gets maximized. Our state also has an ever-growing availability of exceptional inns and homes that can get even the largest families all under one roof. So go ahead and start planning your next get-together and make it exceptional. The memories will last a lifetime.

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