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In the 1980’s William Shatner and his daughter were featured in Oldsmobile ads touting the new Olds as “Not your father’s Oldsmobile.” The term “not your father’s …” became part of the pop lexicon thereafter. Oldsmobile ended up going out of business … perhaps in reality it really was your father’s Oldsmobile … but the quip endures and it is never truer than when speaking of retirement. Today’s “retirement” is decidedly “not your father’s retirement.” The concept of retirement and what it means has been turned on its head in the last decade.

Visit a Life Plan or Independent Living community and you’ll see what I mean; these communities offer resort-style living … actually, they offer better than resort-style living in terms of flexibility, freedom, food service, activities, social interaction, and the list goes on. The lifestyle is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our cover story this issue offers yet another slant on retirement. The idea of aging in place is fine for some, but many are seeking new frontiers. Ditching the McMansion your family has called “home” for a villa at a Life Plan or Independent Living or Active Adult community suddenly presents new opportunities. By downsizing the main residence, suddenly there exists the opportunity to purchase a getaway place in the mountains or at the beach you’ve always dreamed of, and which offers an inviting venue for the family to gather for weekends and holidays. Some are stepping it up yet another notch by acquiring a place in the mountains and at the beach, allowing them to keep their social network intact, while letting the seasons suggest the change of scenery to that second and third home. Suddenly, the lifestyle of the rich and famous is an attainable dream for the many.

Maybe it’s time for you to kick your dreams into high gear and visit the wonderful Life Plan, Independent Living, and Active Adult communities our area offers … and explore the possibilities.

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