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Arbor Acres and the Art of Assisted Living

Arbor Acres’ new assisted living center looks like a colonial village, an illusion well-crafted to entice the eye. Like all of Arbor Acres, the building evokes beauty and creative expression, the essential contributions of art to life.Arbor Acres’ mission, like fine art, has grown richer over time. Opening in 1980, Arbor Acres strives to enhance each resident’s experience of aliveness. The [...]

Asbury at Arbor Acres Offers True Neighborliness

The Asbury Neighborhood is a new independent living option at Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community in Winston-Salem. It has an ambiance that reflects its name – a true neighborhood. No two houses are alike in this charming, brand new neighborhood of 23 homes. Tudor, Craftsman, French Country, Rustic and Colonial styles stand side-by-side. Residents have a choice of [...]

Paying for Extra Care

Seniors who wish to remain independent to the fullest extent possible but need help with daily activities can have the best of both worlds in the right Assisted Living facility. Baby Boomers, who once headed companies or managed their own business/household, may have a difficult time acknowledging a need for help in bathing and dressing. Medicare does not cover the [...]

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Things To Look For In Senior Housing

Whether you are researching a CCRC, independent living, assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, there are several important aspects to consider. In the AARP Magazine article titled ‘Selecting Senior Housing,’ Dimitra Kessnides outlined some suggestions of things to look for in a potential community. Observe residents. Is their hair clean, their clothing soiled? What about staff? Are they [...]

How To Choose Smaller Residential Assisted Living Homes

By:  Guide to Retirement Living Staff Assisted living homes with 15 or fewer residents are often called group homes or family-style assisted living. Many people seeking an assisted living environment for themselves or a family member may not have investigated these homes as an option along with larger assisted living communities. Most of these homes offer the same services as [...]

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