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From the Living Longer, Happier, Healthier Series
By Tina Glenn, President of FirstLight Home Care Guilford

Regular exercise is not only about dropping pounds; it also gives us a healthy glow that cannot be achieved any other way. When we work out regularly, we will see a difference in our body in many ways. Here we go with the list of benefits:

  1. Radiant skin. Working up a sweat is equivalent to getting a mini facial. The pores dilate; sweat expels the trapped dirt and oils. Be sure to wash your face afterwards to keep those open pores clean.
  2. Less stress. Stress can drain your vitality and mood. It is considered to be the biggest health problem we face. You can see the wear on your face and other parts of your body. Exercise has been shown to alleviate many causes of anxiety and regular workouts improve your mood.
  3. Immunity. Exercise helps the immune system by the body producing more white blood cells. More white blood cells mean fewer bacteria. Increased circulation. Increased circulation is a key to white cell production. The best way to achieve this is by any exercise that gets us to breathe deeply. The increased blood flow is what revs up the immune system.
  4. More restful sleep. Exercise can elicit longer and more restful sleep. Exercise sharpens the body’s sensitivity and defense against stress hormone cortisol. The more sleep you get, the fresher and healthier you will look.
  5. Less Visceral Fat, which is the excess fat that develops over time around the center of the body. It’s visceral fat that is so dangerous and increases disease risk. Not only can we lessen our hip size when we exercise, but we can lose fat deep inside the body that can boost your overall vitality and looks. Regular exercise trains the body to burn visceral fat more efficiently.
  6. Hair. Exercise increases blood circulation. Blood circulation can help scalp and hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.

Exercise helps virtually every system in your body, adding up to a more beautiful you! So go on, get moving!