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Solutions to Degenerative Disc Disease

By Dr. Aaron Williams, DC Dr. Aaron Williams, DC is a graduate of Life University and vice president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association central district. Many people with neck pain, tingling down the arms, low back pain and pain going down the leg into the foot often receive the diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease, as common condition highly misunderstood. [...]

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Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy

By Dr. Aaron Williams, DC Dr. Aaron Williams, DC is a graduate of Life University and vice president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association central district. Peripheral neuropathy is a serious condition that is affecting more and more Americans at an alarming rate. The condition which affects the “peripheral” (hands and feet), is a deterioration of the nerves that go [...]

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Hip Replacement – “Why not do both hips?”

By Sarah Gray Double hip replacement!?!? I couldn’t have heard that right!? The therapy, the pain, the long recovery! These were the thoughts that flooded my mind when Tommy and I first went to see Dr. Blackman. However, I quickly learned, I couldn't have jumped to more incorrect assumptions. Dr. Blackman was reassuring. “I’ll be all dressed in a funny [...]

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A New Procedure with Less Pain

Although Dr. Christopher Blackman, who joined Piedmont Orthopedics in 2005, performs all types of orthopedic surgery, he has a special interest in knee and hip replacement surgery. He was the first orthopedic surgeon in Greensboro to regularly perform anterior approach hip replacement surgery, a less invasive technique that helps to preserve muscle and generally results in less pain and faster [...]

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Dr. H. Christopher Coley Dr. H. Christopher Coley is a very talented and compassionate physician and surgeon in Greensboro. He is board-certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery and in General Cosmetic Surgery by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and is also fellowship trained in Hand and Microsurgery. CoolSculpting® is a procedure that safely removes stubborn [...]

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Lobbying for Health Care

The Boston Globe reported on March 27 that the Massachusetts healthcare industry, one of the largest economic sectors in the state, doled out more than $11.6 million on lobbying. And during the five years since the state passed its landmark health care overhaul, from 2007 to 2011, the total amount spent on lobbying by the industry topped $51.6 million, according [...]

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A New Paradigm in Heart Failure Treatment

New evidence, showing the root of heart failure lies in misfolded proteins in the heart’s cells, may pave the way for dramatically new treatment approaches. An analysis by Cam Patterson, MD, and Monte Willis, PhD, researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, shows new breakthroughs could be closer than previously believed. The analysis points to striking similarities [...]

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Avoiding Hospital Errors

The Connecticut Center for Patient Safety offers tips for protecting yourself from errors. Bring an advocate – a friend or family member – for check-in and discharge. Many hospitals have a staff person you can consult. (If you hire your own advocate, get referrals and check credentials.) Bring a notebook listing all medications, why you take them, who prescribed them, [...]

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Hospital Readmissions Costly for Hospitals

– From an article by John Murawski, Raleigh News and Observer Juanita King, an 81-year-old grandmother, logged nearly five weeks at WakeMed Hospital since October after her breathing became so labored she had trouble walking.Weakened by a failing heart and obstructed lungs, she was at her Clayton home less than two weeks before returning to WakeMed for another round of [...]

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Network to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Ron Gaskins, Associate Director of the Northwest Community Care Network, is completing a Doctorate of Health Administration from Central Michigan University. Within healthcare reform there has been significant discussion regarding hospital readmissions. This has become a key indicator for not only the health of patients but the quality of care at transitions. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has [...]

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