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Summer is here and if any season is ever full of endless possibilities … it’s summer. Likewise, the season of retirement. For some, as the demands of raising a family diminish, focus turns to how to create attractive opportunities to get the family back together once in a while. For others, as the workday demands decline or go away (Yes!, Retirement!), the focus turns to exploring all those activities and undertaking those significant endeavors that may have been in the back of your mind … on your, “Someday … I wanna do that” list. So, like the season of summer, the season of retirement is full of possibility. This issue, we explore the world of the Recreational Vehicle (RV) enthusiast. We’ve all seen them rolling down the interstate and perhaps a little longingly wondered where the couple onboard was headed with their bikes, kayaks, and assorted other toys hung off the back of the RV. We may have wondered where would they end up that evening? In the mountains by a stream? At the coast with the ocean waves in the background? Or perhaps they were on a long road trip headed for Yellowstone National Park … or the art galleries of Santa Fe, or headed for the Alaskan Highway en route to Fairbanks, AK. The question is as opened ended as the possibilities for the owners of that RV.

Summer is here … embrace it. Retirement is here … explore it!

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story

On the Road Again

Retirement Communities

Spotlight on Brandon Hair, Executive Director, Springmoor

Planning for the Future

Preseason is Everything

Staying Fit & Healthy

Is Leisure Enough?

The Importance of Proper Hydration and Nutrition As We Age

Personal Training for Seniors

News & Information

A Parting Word, David Ammons