From the Publisher…

Retirement for some means finally having time to relax and do something … or nothing at all. For others, it means planning those trips that have been on the wish list, or reinventing oneself through volunteer opportunities, or perhaps even taking a job that they find interesting, allowing work solely for the joy of engagement.

Others take yet a different route. This is the group we focus on with our cover story in this issue. An industrial psychologist finds her inner artist that had been with her all along but never unleashed. A social worker by trade who found she is a talented potter. These and others looked on retirement not as a time to retreat but a time to move forward with vigor and reimagine themselves.

The Triangle and Triad are fortunate to have a number of great outlets for artists. The 205 Collaborative is featured in this issue, and we hope our readers will enjoy a similar feature about options in the Triangle in an upcoming issue.

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story

Discover the Artist Within in Retirement

Retirement Communities

Spotlight on Misti Ridenour, Executive Director, Well•Spring Retirement Community

Planning for the Future

What Does Your Family Want to Hear … I Love You or Long Term Care?


A Checklist for Visiting Aging Parents

Staying Fit & Healthy

Comfortable Conversations for Important Decisions

Fitness for the Wellbeing of Mature Adults

News & Information

A Parting Word, David Ammons