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It’s 2021, we made it! We made it through a challenging year, whew! Sadly, some did not and it would be short sighted of me to not take a moment and remember those that loss their lives to COVID. With the vaccines rolling out, we now have hope that one day our lives will be back to normal.

This year, I want to spend time outside and do things that improve my well-being and reduce stress. A day trip or as many call it a “Staycation” would suit me fine. Living in NC makes it easy to do since we have the coast and the mountains!

As always, in this issue we have enlightening columns for your reading pleasure. Stay informed by reading our Planning for the Future section.

Stephanie Franklin Stephanie Franklin,
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While our print guide is packed full of information to help you in your search for a new lifestyle, you will find the Retirement Resource to be an even deeper resource for learning about communities and services. The communities have photo galleries, some with videos and tours so you can dive into their community from the comfort of your home.

Stephanie Franklin

Articles in this issue:

Cover Story

7 Great Trips

Planning for the Future

Ways to Protect Your Identity

Better To Learn From “Others’ Mistakes”


Insulin Savings with Medicare

Staying Fit & Healthy

Staying Engaged During the Pandemic

“21” Health Tips for “2021”


Be Prepared

News & Information

A Parting Word, David Ammons