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When I moved to NC, I quickly learned that BBQ is at the heart of the state and is a sacred culinary tradition. Chopped, sliced, but never pulled (so I have been told). In this issue, we celebrate Lexington NC BBQ turning 100 yrs. old. The feature story takes us back to the year 1916 when Sid Weaver from Lexington opened his first restaurant (tent) and it’s all history from there!

For those that love the winter snow and staying active, break out those skis and head up to Beech Mountain. We have several of the best ski resorts less than a two-hour drive from the Triad. It’s an excellent way to exercise outdoors during the cold winter months.

Stephanie Franklin Stephanie Franklin,
Regional Director
of Sales

As always, we have enlightening columns for your reading pleasure. In this issue our Wellness section shares “staying healthy in cooler weather” and “matters of the heart,” both are important for living a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are caring for a loved one or need care service, be sure to check the ‘For Your Parents’ section for Home Care or higher levels of care. There are many options and being well informed helps make it an easier decision.

And from all of us here at the Retirement Resource Guide, we wish everyone a healthy and happy 2020 and thank you all for being loyal readers.


Articles in this issue:

Cover Story

Lexington, NC Barbecue Turns 100 Years Old

Retirement Communities

WhiteStone Expands

Friends Homes Expands

Baptist Retirement Homes Announces Reed VanderSlik as the New President and CEO

Performer Jessica Vosk Launches Collaboration between Well•Spring and UNCG

Planning for the Future

Navigating a Great Transition

How to Cope & Live with Alzheimer’s

To Rent or Own Your Second Home?

“A Game Winning Play”

Service Providers

7 Tips for Breaking in a New Doctor

Easy Makeovers Start with Floors

Medicare – How Should I Prepare?

Fitness & Wellness

A Matter of the Heart

6 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

Staying Healthy in Cooler Weather

Arts, Leisure & Travel

High Country Geared for Winter


Prevent the Winter Blues

The Rewards of Volunteering

News & Information

Elon University – Anatomical Gift Program

A Parting Word, David Ammons